Downtown Champaign Music Festival

Join us this weekend April 5-7, 2019

at the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to our festival partners and friends.

All of the DoCha Festival Artists

DoCha’s Interns

Carl and Nadia Altstetter

Garrett and Beth Arndt

James Barham

Ken Begnoechea and Nancy Johnson

Juliana and Dewayne Coambs

Jennifer Cartwright

Willis and Carol Colburn

Marsh Clinard and Charlie Boast

Terri and John Dodson

Terry and Barbara England

Rhonda and Brant

Michael Fuerst

Evan and Angela Tammen

Donna Fackler

Gorica Grozdanic

George and Ondine Gross

Donald and Gay Roberts

Kathleen Harleman

C. Scott Hollenberg

Michael Howie and Mary Ann Royse

Elizabeth Jones

Thomas and Brenda Koester

Tony and Joannie Michalos

Joe Murphy

Daryl and Yongwa Meling

Jeff Mellander 

Filip Milenkovic

Stefan Milenkovich

Richard Murphy

Bruno and Wanda Nettl

Gary Olsen and Claudia Reich

Edward and Lois Rath

Chetana and Jagannath Rao

Paul and Yvonne Redman

Vaida and Birute Simaitis

Svetlana and Richards Sowers

Sarah Spizzirri

Amy Thompson and Jeff Mylander

Deanna Williams, Young Kim and Grace Williams-Kim

Ernesto Zepeda and Cristina Flores

Anonymus (12)

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