Downtown Champaign Orpheum Theatre

Save the Dates April 13 - 15, 2018

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to our festival partners and friends.

All of the DoCha Festival Artists

DoCha’s Interns

Brenda Aiser

Reid Alexander and JoEllen Devilbiss

David and Betty Allen

Garrett and Beth Arndt

James Barham

Ken Begnoechea and Nancy Johnson

Grace Belser

Bruce Bonds

Willis Colburn

Marsh Clinard and Charlie Boast

Dragoljub and Ruzica Cuk

Stephanie Ceman

Joshua Downs

Mark and Vicki Dixon

Terri and John Dodson

Melissa Edwards and Alex Breen

Rhonda Fallon

Edward and Kathy Feser

Stephen and Becky Fiol

Michael Fuerst

Vicky Fligel

Donna Fackler

Cynthia Faulin

George and Ondine Gross

Don Gerard

Lauren Goodlad and Mark Sammons

Rex Gaskins

Gorica Grozdanic

Nathan and Julie Gunn

Jane Hays and David Downey

Kathleen Harleman

J. Michael Holmes and Joyce Griggs

C. Scott Hollenberg

Michael Howie and Mary Ann Royse

Elizabeth Jones

Benita and John Katzenellenbogen

April Keaton

Debbie Kemphues

Jeffrey and Patricia Kirby

Thomas and Brenda Koester

Brenda Koenig

Roger Laramee and Tim Bayley

Scott and Kelli Larson

Jesus Lopez

Norma and Herbert Marder

Jeff Magee

Alan Mette

Tony and Joannie Michalos

Ben Moore

Linnea and Rodney Mueller

Joe Murphy

James Markham

in honor of Connie McGill Atkins

Daryl and Yongwa Meling

Jeff Mellander 

Filip Milenkovic

Stefan Milenkovich

Richard Murphy

Bruno and Wanda Nettl

Dan and Robin Noel

Howard and Jean Osborn

Brenda Patten

Stephanie Pitts

Tom and Michelle Ramage

Chetana Rao

Gary Olsen and Claudia Reich

Mike Ross

Edward and Lois Rath

Dennis and Mary Ray

Paul and Yvonne Redman

Mel and Janice Rothman 

Samuel Rosenberg

DIane Sheets and Steve Levinson

William Shilts

Mary Shores

Vaida and Birute Simaitis

Melvyn Skvarla

Lydia Soo

Harold Southern

Gary Stitt

Carol Timms

Jim and Jane Van de Velde

Wayne and Berry Wendland

Aya Wee

Deanna Williams, Young Kim and Grace Williams-Kim

Sarah and Charlie Wisseman

Kirk and Sherry Wright

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